About Chris Zuniga Photography

When my grandfather returned from WWII, having served to document the war as a photographer, he left not only a wealth of historical images, but also a legacy of preserving the many sides of life’s journey through photography. I proudly carry on this tradition, and I continue to reach for the goals set by many before me. I am passionate about my works, be they editorial or commercial, artistic or journalistic. All photographs start with the photographer. In this age of smartphones and Instagram®, it seems anyone can become a photographer. But just being able to take a picture is not enough.
I believe that, like anything else, passion makes the difference. It’s obvious in areas like sports and theater. Photographers are almost always behind the scenes, so our passion is not so obvious. But look at the works. That’s where we live.

I mostly shoot with Canon DLSR cameras. I’m slowly replacing my standard lenses with L-series ones, and I hope to be able to graduate to the EOS 5D Mark III soon. Since I also love film, I am looking to invest in a medium-format rangefinder or SLR. I still shoot with my Minolta X 300 35mm SLR. Lately, I have “rediscovered” FujiChrome Velvia slide film. The high quality and color saturation cannot be reproduced in digital sensors. Besides, the human eye is an “analog” device, like the ear. Many audiophiles will tell you that converting analog sound to digital, then back to analog via speakers, loses some of the unique characteristics of the original recording. The same might be said for photography. Now, I am not a film purist, neither am I a digital fan-boy. Therefore I try to balance the two worlds as best I can from my small studio. That said, nothing has improved the processing of photos from their raw state better than software.

I appreciate you visiting my site. To learn more about what I do, visit the Gallery. Contact me for more information or to book me for a wedding, portrait session, or to ask me anything about photography, my work, my favorite books, what I want for my nest birthday, whatever.